Michelle had lived in Washington state most of her life so PST is the target Time Zone.  The days fluxuate between 7.5 hours of daylight on Winter Solstice and grow into 15.5 hours of daylight in Summer.  This greatly affects sleep and energy, as it has all her life.

In addition, with all that is going on in her body these days, sleep and energy are affected in multi-dimensional ways.  You’ll notice the Connection section below holds leeway for Self Care above all else.  I hope you understand.

As soon as I am ready to create it and receive from you there will be a contact form right here in this pretty little spot set aside just for you if you need to get a hold of me and the Comment section on a post just won’t suffice.

p.s. I don’t know why that image above is so goofball. Looking into it …