About Michelle

Michelle is this amazing human hiding in her introvert cave seeking ways to reach out to the world & share all that she has been learning all this time.

About Alive From Within

Alive From Within is an cutting edge business model.  Net-Publishing.

The delightful & talented Seth Godin is famous for prescribing this path to new author’s:

Finish the book, set it up in ebook format, send it to 100 people.  If they like it, at some point there will be 10,000 people who have seen it.  If it goes nowhere, you would have wasted your time publishing it.  So now you know where you stand with Book #1.

Well, I don’t know 100 people.  I don’t have an email list that big.  And I don’t have a pile of followers who are in to the same things I am.

So I need to get creative about how to send it to the right 100 people.

Dear 100 people,

Book #1 was written to you and for you.  I don’t know where you are on my planet, but I know you exist.  I know you exist because the Intention, the Energetic space, and the Cosmic Flow I was holding was precisely that.  To You.  For You.  And Trusting you will find it when you need it.


Published works on the internet.

One way to help us find each other is to publish the book straight to the net.  Right here on my website.  And make it available in ebook format.  And perhaps oneday that glorious hard-bound book that is a delight to hold in your hands.

I would love to have at least one created to live on my bookshelf.  But that’s just me!  You may be perfectly content visiting this site anytime you wish to revisit the material.  And that brings a huge smile to my face, and a huge inner smile to my heart.


At first Seth’s 100 people idea made my body recoil in horror.  All of that work and maybe no one will benefit?  Or maybe they will hate it & be loud about telling me so?  What if they love it, and I lose my quiet introverted life?

Fear, fear, and fear.  All of them excuses masking fear.

First of all, there is always one person that will benefit, and that’s me.  That matters and that counts.

Secondly, if no one likes it now, that doesn’t mean there won’t be an audience in 20 years.  Things I was ready for 20 years ago are finally making it mainstream.  It is possible I am early.  It wouldn’t be the first time.

Thirdly, if no one likes it, ever, that simply means I Net-Published crap.  And every writer, artist, creator knows, you have to make a bunch of crap to get to the good stuff.  It’s only a sign to write Book 2 in a whole new way that digs beneath the crap and finds the treasured truffles.  (yes, truffles grow on trees rather than poo, but your desire for accuracy is messing with my flowery verbage! (ver-baugh-ge is how my brain happens to be pronouncing it in this flow)

Fourthly, Fear is a Liar and if I listen to fear, if I give fear energy and attention, I am increasing my chances of bringing it to life on the 3 dimensional plane.  So, ‘Hi Fear! Thank you for warning me.  You are doing your job super duper well.  I can now create systems and mount courage like never before. You are an awesome friend and I am shifting my energy and attention into Solutionator mode.  Thanks again!”

Here is what I am giving Energy and Attention into:

There are at least 100 people on this planet who will love Book 1.  I am writing it to them, I am writing it for them, and no one else matters.  Book 1 is my gift to those who are paying attention.

And I have Seth to thank for sparking the formation of that last sentence.


Note 1  If you want to know more about Seth Godin & these ideas, Brian Koppelman brilliantly held court for Seth to burst them forth so all who are listening can hear.  Brian’s podcast is called “The Moment”, the episode is called “Best of Seth Godin: 3/21/2017”.  (I pod from my phone & had trouble finding a good link for it, but Stitcher and Itunes should carry it.)

Note 2  Least I leave you with the wrong impression, Brian brings his own amazing insights into the conversation.  For me, this podcast was life changing.  I know that sounds exaggerated, but it is exactly the truth.  That fear I mentioned above?  I spent an entire day journaling on that fear & taking notes on that podcast.  That day put me on the edge with my toe in the water.  I was one breath away from the leap.

Note 3  And that breath was given to me the very next day.  I shall leave link to the post when it’s time.