belief harming intent

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Once identified, determine the desired opposite.
e.g. the opposite of “what’s wrong with me?” might be “what’s right with me?”
2. visualize the negative belief next to the thing you’re trying to accomplish. Visualize the connection. Determine if there is ever a time this might be a useful belief.
e.g. poking holes in a thing can make it stronger esp when scheduled early and followed by a brainstorm on averting and deciding when/how to implmement
If never useful:
3. Make the negative belief small, grey, silent. Watch the connection dissolve.
4. visualize the new belief, making it big, bright, colorful, surround sound, anything that makes you feel triumphant. Connect it to the intention you wish to accomplish. Or maybe surround the intention with the new belief.
If you’re not a vislualziation person, you can do this with mind maps. Drawing circles on paper, using colors and symbols and whatever you like. Some people get it better in their brain with the act of writing on paper, some are ok doing digital.

Along the lines of Samantha’s #2, Byron Katie’s “The Work” offers a 4 question process (within a different process):

Is it true?
If yes, can you absolutely know that it’s true?
Who are you / what happens when you believe that thought?
Who would you be without the thought?

This is also a way to find into “desired opposite” I was talking about above if you’re struggling with finding one that feels right.

It’s important how you word the new belief or it can re-enforce the negative belief. Countering “I’m a dumb dumb” with “I’m super smart!” can work only if part of you arleady believes that sometimes you really are super smart.

So asking into the beliefs can be useful. “Am I ALWAYS a dumb dumb?” “What have I done that is super smart?”

If you can access a specific time when you felt super smart, you can key off that State and amplify it when setting up the new belief.

Let’s say for the sake of example, you can only think of smart things not super smart things. “I’m super smart!” is going to be dismissed outright as easily as “I’m blue and made of aluminum foil”. What now? Play with the wording, or turn it into a power question.

I am always as smart as I am able.
I easily expand my smarts until they become super smart.
How will I do super smart things today?
How will I draw on the super smarts around me to rock this project today?

When you find the right wording, your body will be like ‘yes!”. Sometimes you need to play with it over several days to find the right groove. This is actually a VERY empowering thing to “have” to do.

The more your train that neuropathway, the easier it becomes to auto-follow it. Easy as taking a sip from your mug.

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