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I just discovered I had a 300,000 money barrier locked in my brain. What what what?! Doesn’t matter where it came from! I am grateful for the unearthing and the chance to eliminate it permanently.

I saw a book recommendation for Millionaire Mind and my library had it in audo form. I didn’t have much to work with but I started anyway.

The Bank Accounts Harv has you set up translated into envelopes with sticky notes on them. Every month money goes in. Every day gratitude and blessings are given as I read the Accounts they represent on the sticky notes.

I had a shiny silver sequined purse lying around for a sparkly dress day. So I put an index card in it and coined it “Billionare Purse”.

There was a pile of change in my wallet so I launched a game to get my brain comfortable to large sums of income.

Each penny represents $1,000. Every morning 10% of the change in my wallet went into the purse and I tracked the amounts as “representing $____ from $____ in new money”.

I was looking for money beliefs. So any ill sensations were asked into and worked with in a special journal.

Then one day it stopped. Dead stopped. Everything else was more important. I didn’t think much of it until today when I pulled out the envelopes to add for January.

I decided the billionaire purse wasn’t working and it was time for a new game. I started down that path and almost missed it!

The representative amount was $293,000.

I was in my early 20’s making more money than anyone I knew. It was only 23,000, but rent back then was $410 & I had plenty of extra money every month. Homes were $100,000 in the super-rich neighborhoods. Anything beyond $300,000 seemed greedy and selfish. That was still locked in my 48 year old brain!!

I’m sticking with my penny game.
I sticking with it til at least a million.

And holding fast to the mantra Harv graciously offered:

“All non-supportive money experiences from the past are gone!”

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How are you going to bust your brain?

My Reply

That part’s easy. I’ve got incredible neurolinguistic and energy healing tools I’ve combine over the years. It takes but a moment to do the brain surgery.

My Followup Reply

To be more specific … I took the lazy route & did an NLP rewrite on the memory adding some zero’s so the new “greedy/selfish” number is 300 billion. If I get there oneday, then maybe I’ll take the less lazy route.

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