my boss gave me “feedback” how do I recover?

Wild Word Seeds Tossed About The Net

Bring back the balance by spending a few minutes noticing what you are doing well. If the “you suck” monster is super loud start with mundane things like “I show up for work every day”, “I didn’t steal ANY pens yesterday”, “I have not once brought my pet parakeet to the office!”, get the “what did I do well / what is going right?” neural-net search rolling.

Name some of your strengths. How can you use those strengths to rock the improvements needed?

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1 thought on “my boss gave me “feedback” how do I recover?

  1. answered a thread: How do you pick yourself up after receiving some “constructive” feedback from your leader? This is more of a mental approach I’m needing. Working on said feedback to improve is a given. Thank you in advance!

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