Brick & Mortar Visions

Wild Word Seeds Tossed About The Net

Here’s what I want from (preferrably locally owned) Brick & Mortar:

Reasonable prices. Personable friendly positive helpful staff without any upsells or pushiness. Treat me like a queen, I’ll NATURALLY give you more money.

A great vibe. Whether it’s the staff, or the layout, or the decor, or all of the above, create a place I want to be in long after my basket is full of whatever I came for.

Clothing. Carry a great stock of all sizes in 2 or 3 typical colors. Have good sized swatches of all other available colors. (so I can hold them to the mirror like a shirt and see if it’s a good color for me.)

I don’t mind waiting for my favorite color when I know the fit rocks. (I’d be wandering the town for days/weeks to find the color/fit combo anyway. Might as well take my money while I’m there and love the cut.)

Reliably stock things I use regularly.
If I want something you want to stop carrying, provide a way to order it for me. I know/like/trust you and I want to keep giving you my money. Telling me to “go online” says “I don’t want your business”. (it’s your online store, but I’m here now, and I’ll be back next month because I LIKE wandering your store it, it has a nice feel to it.)

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