Get Bored

I was recently given a unique take on boredom from Seth Godin’s work. He suggests we (at least those of us in Creative endeavours) have to starve the Creative of input, we have to “get bored”. This triggers the brain to find a way to entertain us. He suggests *that* is the time when the brilliance really comes to the fore.
I tried it. It really worked.

Facebook Banned Me … for this?

It’s easy to notice everything that is going wrong. But the mere fact that you are typing “everything wrong” means there’s a SHIT-TON of things going right.

It’s a simple matter of changing the lense to give yourself a break.

Your brain is a really smart internet search engine and it really Really REALLY wants to please you. If you ask it “what’s going wrong?” it will diligently run off and find everything going wrong and report back ASAP.

When you first ask it “what’s going right?” there will sometimes be a knee-jerk “nothing!” response because it’s still working on the previous search. What to do, oh what to do?!

You prompt it.
Ask again, then start without it so it knows you’re serious about this as being more important than the previously assigned task.

Notice your baby toe. Is everything good?
Send some gratitude to your happy feet.

Did you noice your last breath?
Awesome! Your automatic breathing system is rockin right along. yay! Gratitude appreciation for the breath and lungs, and that healthy happy heart.

Did you have to relearn to type to make this post? Incredible! Your muscle memory, your brain signals to muscles and muscle signals back to brain are superb today! More gratitude! You might even get crazy and send your hands and arms and brain some unconditional love!

Your keyboard, mouse, computer, internet, browser, operating system, your eyes — yup! all going right!!

What about the sub-atomic particles in your body? Are they holding their electrons and protons and neutrons as expected? SWEET!

I get where you are, I’m on just emerging from a very similar long term health & life upheaval situation. There were days I could barely get out of bed. The only thing I could do for myself to help myself was to make up little non-songs – singing random tones that felt good in my body.

So I’m speaking from tools of experience when I offer this process.

It’s simple, it changes everything.

Tony Robbins says the antedote to anger is gratitude. You cannot be angry and grateful at the same time. You cannot be fearful and grateful at the same time.

So whenever anger / fear / life being a shithole is dragging you through the mud, take all the energy of “grrrrr!” and use it to focus on gratiude until you feel the state shift.

Tony Robbins advocates living in a Beautiful State. There are many roads in to a Beautiful State. I even wrote a little song about it & set it as a pre-alarm. So I wake up to me singing happy words to myself before the “get out of bed now” alarm goes off.

Love, Joy, Gratitude, Appreciation, Awe, Playfulness, Ease, Drive, Creativity, Curiosty, Caring, Growth.

I started a practice of focusing on one every morning and I’ve recently shifted into drawing mind maps about it.

write “me” draw a circle around it
write “gratitude” nearby, draw a circle encompassing me and gratitude
write “beautiful state” neareby, and draw a circle around all of it

This kind of visual speaks in the language of the brain. It’s a more direct way to input data than sentences. I feel my body shift when I look at the mind map. It’s out in plain view, so everytime I walk by, I get a little “hit”.

I could keep going, but that’s plenty to get your mind playing in happier places for a while.

Create a daily practice for yourself that creates time and space to step out of the yuck.

Oh, wait, you have one of those handy Masculine Brains! Make it a mission to find everything that takes you out of the yuck. Use that automagic single focus to your advantage!

I am in NO WAY advocating avoiding the yuck.
It’s important to dive into it in useful and restorative ways.

I am advocating balance, a break from the downward spiral.

Because when you return to tackle the yuck? You’ll be far more resourced and your solutionator will be fully On.


That’s a far as I had typed, I was ready to re-read, final edits, and post it.
Facebook interrupted my typing, popped up a message saying I was a “security risk” and locked me out for 3 days while they “verified my photo”.

What do you think, are my thoughts a threat to society?

exploring your passion

One thing I found useful was learning my Signature Strengths. Mine are Bravery/Valor, Creatiivity, Critical Thinking, Authenticity, Gratitude.

Martin Seligman, godfather of positive psychology, did the deep research and found 24 “values in action” character traits.

The Signature Strengths (I call them my super powers!) are your top 5.

You’re already naturally using them and the idea is to intentionally seek out more ways to use them so they become more and more supercharged to enhance your life.

His website, has a whole bunch of self-assessment questionaires. There are 2 re: signature strengths. The regular one and a short version.

“VIA Survey of Character Strengths”
“Brief Strengths Test”

in case you’re interested in exploring.

emotions, an abridged point of view

I like the reductionist tactic. “it’s just sensations in the body”. If you take a moment and watch them – their colors, shapes, movement patterns, (if they wanted to move where would they go) – they have what they need, your attention, and they resolve on their own. In like 45 seconds or less. Super Awesome process.

the long haul

A wise army rotates its soldiers in situations of long term battle. The effects on mind and body diminish the warrior’s ability to be on their Best Game.
It is vital that we take breaks, replenish our resources, ground and center stronger than ever before, then return to the sides of our comrads.
It is vital that we use the incensed energies of anger wisely. It is a gift and we must direct it in the most effective ways we can find.
California has not learned this lesson yet. I fear they are literally feeding the ongoing fires with the splayling rampant undirected energy.
Be Angry.
Be Wise.
Take incredible care of yourself first.

supporting Best Self, worth it calculators, cavemen, self improvement

Here’s a power question I came up with last week:
“Who do I need to be to support me being my Best Self?”
Men have a “worth it” calculator. it’s rooted in the caveman DNA. Some even go so far as to suggest we’d still be in the caves if women hadn’t been asking for stoves and light and heat and running water.
Is it worth it to spend my energy on the duck when the buffalo will likely be by soon and the whole tribe will be fed for a month?
No. Sit and wait.
Is it worth it to take out the garbage when I’ve got a lawn to tackle after lunch?
No. Sit in resting position while the testosterone builds so all available reserves are online for the lawn mission.
There is a We energy when you are in a relationship.
Your energy, her energy, and the We energy. You feel good in the we. You feel good around she. It’s worth doing the work to make that happen.
There is an upward spiral.
You, being your Best Self, makes her happy. When she is happy that fills you with life and it’s easy to be your Best Self when you’re full of life. You, being full of life makes her happy, and that makes it easy for her to be her Best Self.
The only person who is there for you 24/7 without fail is You.
You know exactly what you need, and how to provide it. That makes you a really great person to have as your own best friend.
Commit to being your Best Friend.
Commit to supporting yourself.
Ask yourself often
“Who do I need to be to support me being my Best Self?”
The self improvement will naturally emerge.

days of no obligation

“days of no obligation”, tend to short hand it as N.O.
Recently paradigm shifted. I can’t recall who brought it into my brain, but it’s important for Creatives to “get bored”.
The brain and the input habits will fight you on it, but if you keep depriving the input it will start to give you stellar output to entertain you and escape the boredom.

life changing good habit

“I now command my subconscious mind into I am feeling loved in and out of time”. Get into intention space, write or say it in the morning.
In the evening, check in with how your Self Love was that day.
Repeat for 14 days.
Check in with how your life has been the past 2 weeks.

I developed this one day. It changed everything.

I do well

Rewriting brain patterns. I don’t know how to teach it yet, but I’m really really really really good at it.

A flock of birds is completely redirected by the subtle shift of one birds wing. I’m really good at finding the feather and making the shift. It seems innate. Unteachable.

So I’m taking a different tack with the wind. What if music and art could do the teaching better than my cognitive brain?

sacred islands

The Islands are sacred. The connection with nature there is very strong. The rocks, the trees, the flowers, the animals, even the bugs are moving in sacred space. The clouds speak. Energy shifts. Deep profound transformation takes place. The Islands are sacred.

The people have cultivated the space since they arrived. And the time of hiding their sacred wisdom’s is over. You are in an excellent place, my friend. And it is pure delight connecting with the Island through you.