I do well

Rewriting brain patterns. I don’t know how to teach it yet, but I’m really really really really good at it.

A flock of birds is completely redirected by the subtle shift of one birds wing. I’m really good at finding the feather and making the shift. It seems innate. Unteachable.

So I’m taking a different tack with the wind. What if music and art could do the teaching better than my cognitive brain?

sacred islands

The Islands are sacred. The connection with nature there is very strong. The rocks, the trees, the flowers, the animals, even the bugs are moving in sacred space. The clouds speak. Energy shifts. Deep profound transformation takes place. The Islands are sacred.

The people have cultivated the space since they arrived. And the time of hiding their sacred wisdom’s is over. You are in an excellent place, my friend. And it is pure delight connecting with the Island through you.


It stays with your for life. Every time I notice self doubt taking over, I’m like “dude, you WALKED ON FIRE, you can do ANYTHING!”

Did you bend the rebar? THAT was my biggest challenge.

Can We Be Unbias?

No. The best we can do is create expectations of seeing the world from another’s point of view and work toward my favorite 80’s mantra “Be Excellent To Each Other”.

why, how why, procrastinating, sleep paralysis, love lists, and more!

thread: What is your “why”?

I wrote this recently, it’s still crystalizing, but it works for now “I desire you to know what I know about becoming More True Me”.

thread: “There is a huge difference between “How” and “Why”. Which one is propelling your life in the current direction it is going?”

Why is crystalizing alongside the How. At the moment they are playing an entwined DNA dance.

thread: “How do you stop procrastinating?”

“Away From” motivator: My signature move is to put something on the list I want to avoid more.

“Toward” motivator: There is always a reason. If I make the time to explore the “why” for a brief moment, there is always a way through.

The Hard Part: noticing I’m procrastinating. I’m REALLY sneaky – I look VERY productive while procrastinating.

sub-thread: “I make a To Do list in my head before i sleep. Then motivate myself to follow through. Its easy once you make routines.”

I cannot tell you how much smoother my day goes when I write down my tommorrow before bed!!

thread:  “Someone dear to me,told me my morning experience is =Sleep Paralysis. Should i be concern.”

If you’re talking about how you can’t move your body for a while when you wake up, that is a normal human experience. It has to do with the brain waking up before the body. Sleep science has data on the phenoemon. Some will tell you it’s because you were flying around the stratrosphere having an out of body experience while you were sleeping and woke up before you returned.

lengthy thread: “…

Fear is imagination.

Love is a feeling.

What are the things in your life that make you feel just overflowing with Love?

Make a list.

Ill wait.


I know the native Hawaiian’s balk at Huna, but two of the principles are “everything is an illusion” and “illusions are useful tools”.

Tony Robbins encourages living from a Beautiful State. There are many ways to enter Beautiful State, and one of them ls exactly what you ask – step into the overflowing feelings of love.

Entering Beautiful State by stepping into “loving and feeling loved”; and then seeing “the scary” through those eye transforms the original perspective.

Neuroscience has uncovered the truth about the mind and memory. A truth neurolinguistics have known since Day1. Once you add a different emotion to the thought, it is attached until you decide to revisit and attach a different emotion.

The perspective shift I’m talking about is more than momentary, it is a permament attachment of the perpspective of Love to “the scary”.

And when you, are Big You in Full Love Beautiful State, “the scary” looks so small an insignificant it becomes manageable and even welcomed. And THAT transformative perspective is now permanently yours too.

So, stop reading this, and go make that list!

on Making The Bed

Every morning when I make my bed for myself in the evening. 🙂

I never knew why I was compelled to do it, I just knew it felt good to walk up to a made bed in the evening.

Tim Ferriss had a podcast interview where they were talking about the “why”. It starts your day with a win right out of the gate. For me, it also finishes the day with feeling cared for by Me. Nothing left to “do” just get in and enjoy some restful sleep.

on Why You Have A Mind

The mind is a filter for the subconscious mind. It evaluates, stores, and retrieves. Sure you can bypass it, and sometimes that’s a great idea. Other times, it’s great to evaluate the input before letting it become you.

on Making Me Choose

I’m a big fan of the “both” checkbox. hahahaha!

 thread: Did you have a big 2017 win?

My “Big Win” was in transformation. Introsepction and paradigm shifting every atom of my being has been a terrible business model but I think I’ve stumbled into a scalable intelligent way to turn that on it’s head.
I’ve been working with people one on one for 12 years and it’s time to create a broader reach.
I’m not exactly sure where these wings came from, but I seem to know how to use them so if you see me flying around the stratosphere smile & wave hi!

Brick & Mortar Visions

Here’s what I want from (preferrably locally owned) Brick & Mortar:

Reasonable prices. Personable friendly positive helpful staff without any upsells or pushiness. Treat me like a queen, I’ll NATURALLY give you more money.

A great vibe. Whether it’s the staff, or the layout, or the decor, or all of the above, create a place I want to be in long after my basket is full of whatever I came for.

Clothing. Carry a great stock of all sizes in 2 or 3 typical colors. Have good sized swatches of all other available colors. (so I can hold them to the mirror like a shirt and see if it’s a good color for me.)

I don’t mind waiting for my favorite color when I know the fit rocks. (I’d be wandering the town for days/weeks to find the color/fit combo anyway. Might as well take my money while I’m there and love the cut.)

Reliably stock things I use regularly.
If I want something you want to stop carrying, provide a way to order it for me. I know/like/trust you and I want to keep giving you my money. Telling me to “go online” says “I don’t want your business”. (it’s your online store, but I’m here now, and I’ll be back next month because I LIKE wandering your store it, it has a nice feel to it.)