frozen voices

The difficult thing is that one of the fight/flight/freeze resposes is a frozen voice. He wasn’t getting a clear no, but there was also no clear asking for a yes. She wasn’t able to articulate, or may have been confused herself — “I like you, but I’m not ready for this yet” can pull up a cavewoman “pleaser / turn yourself into a prezel” module.
Neither was communicating well. This is understandable especially on a firsta date. You don’t know each other at all yet. And, on her part, because of his fame, she likely had pre-conceived notions that weren’t matching her experience so there was likely a case of cognitive dissonance plauging her mind as well.
But that’s too long of a headline and it doesn’t make a good # metoo vilianization story.

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  1. comment on a post “I am not comfortable with the whole Aziz Ansari thing…I think he was weird as hell, AND I think she was giving mixed signals. No, not the kind of mixed signals brodudes complain about. Actual mixed signals. You know who brought that to my attention? Several women. Discuss?”

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