exploring your passion

One thing I found useful was learning my Signature Strengths. Mine are Bravery/Valor, Creatiivity, Critical Thinking, Authenticity, Gratitude.

Martin Seligman, godfather of positive psychology, did the deep research and found 24 “values in action” character traits.

The Signature Strengths (I call them my super powers!) are your top 5.

You’re already naturally using them and the idea is to intentionally seek out more ways to use them so they become more and more supercharged to enhance your life.

His website, authentichappiness.com has a whole bunch of self-assessment questionaires. There are 2 re: signature strengths. The regular one and a short version.

“VIA Survey of Character Strengths”
“Brief Strengths Test”

in case you’re interested in exploring.

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  1. response to …. a thread on efficient meetings that led to a sub-thread where someone posted “I’m trying to figure out my passion so i can start my own business.”

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