emotions, an abridged point of view

I like the reductionist tactic. “it’s just sensations in the body”. If you take a moment and watch them – their colors, shapes, movement patterns, (if they wanted to move where would they go) – they have what they need, your attention, and they resolve on their own. In like 45 seconds or less. Super Awesome process.

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  1. Why does this work?
    It gives the emotion what it needs – your attention.
    It gives the emotion what it wants – movement.

    All on its own, the energy of the emotion will dissipate or make its way out of your body.

    No Shadow to contend with later.

    Sure, you can writhe in it as long as you like, journal your pen out of ink, cry out the box of tissues if you prefer. The important part isn’t “feeling” the emotion, or “being in” the emotion. The key is the attention you give the sensations in your body to which you have conveniently affixed an emotion label, and a thought story.

    The story and the label can guide you to insight if you step out of them and watch.

    But it’s difficult to watch when overwhelmed with emotion. So first, give that the attention and freedom of movement it requires.

    A clear system has far greater access to the Solutionator Within.

  2. an ‘and also’ to a post that began: “Your emotions are nothing more than blips on a radar screen.

    They are bits of information to take into account.

    Choose to do with that information what you want. “

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