belief harming intent

Once identified, determine the desired opposite.
e.g. the opposite of “what’s wrong with me?” might be “what’s right with me?”
2. visualize the negative belief next to the thing you’re trying to accomplish. Visualize the connection. Determine if there is ever a time this might be a useful belief.
e.g. poking holes in a thing can make it stronger esp when scheduled early and followed by a brainstorm on averting and deciding when/how to implmement
If never useful:
3. Make the negative belief small, grey, silent. Watch the connection dissolve.
4. visualize the new belief, making it big, bright, colorful, surround sound, anything that makes you feel triumphant. Connect it to the intention you wish to accomplish. Or maybe surround the intention with the new belief.
If you’re not a vislualziation person, you can do this with mind maps. Drawing circles on paper, using colors and symbols and whatever you like. Some people get it better in their brain with the act of writing on paper, some are ok doing digital.

Along the lines of Samantha’s #2, Byron Katie’s “The Work” offers a 4 question process (within a different process):

Is it true?
If yes, can you absolutely know that it’s true?
Who are you / what happens when you believe that thought?
Who would you be without the thought?

This is also a way to find into “desired opposite” I was talking about above if you’re struggling with finding one that feels right.

It’s important how you word the new belief or it can re-enforce the negative belief. Countering “I’m a dumb dumb” with “I’m super smart!” can work only if part of you arleady believes that sometimes you really are super smart.

So asking into the beliefs can be useful. “Am I ALWAYS a dumb dumb?” “What have I done that is super smart?”

If you can access a specific time when you felt super smart, you can key off that State and amplify it when setting up the new belief.

Let’s say for the sake of example, you can only think of smart things not super smart things. “I’m super smart!” is going to be dismissed outright as easily as “I’m blue and made of aluminum foil”. What now? Play with the wording, or turn it into a power question.

I am always as smart as I am able.
I easily expand my smarts until they become super smart.
How will I do super smart things today?
How will I draw on the super smarts around me to rock this project today?

When you find the right wording, your body will be like ‘yes!”. Sometimes you need to play with it over several days to find the right groove. This is actually a VERY empowering thing to “have” to do.

The more your train that neuropathway, the easier it becomes to auto-follow it. Easy as taking a sip from your mug.

checking in

First, I peer into they “why” of “feeling down” – and sometimes it’s as simple as a glass of water. (minor dehydration messes with my brain in substantial ways)

I check in with the Physical first – food/nap/movement/etc – in case there’s a quick fix.

I check in with Resistance.  Sometimes a quick shot of awareness to a silly notion in my way fixes everything.

I check in with my Why.  Something originally got me all motivated about starting. Recognize the long haul, recommit, and tap the Why.

I check in with Life.  It’s not always that simple.  Feeling down might have nothing to do with the project at hand, but if I keep refusing the acknowledge “the thing” it’s going to keep at me.

Sometimes the physical sensations of “feeling down” need a 45 second “watcher” session.  Sometimes I need to calendar a task “journal about “the thing” at 8pm tonight”.  Sometimes I just need to get ok with What Is.  “I’m feeling down and my motivation is lower than usual and that’s ok I’ll just do the best with what I have to work with right now and trust that a good night’s sleep tonight will bring a better motivational tomorrow.

kicking money brain-pattern ass

My Thread

I just discovered I had a 300,000 money barrier locked in my brain. What what what?! Doesn’t matter where it came from! I am grateful for the unearthing and the chance to eliminate it permanently.

I saw a book recommendation for Millionaire Mind and my library had it in audo form. I didn’t have much to work with but I started anyway.

The Bank Accounts Harv has you set up translated into envelopes with sticky notes on them. Every month money goes in. Every day gratitude and blessings are given as I read the Accounts they represent on the sticky notes.

I had a shiny silver sequined purse lying around for a sparkly dress day. So I put an index card in it and coined it “Billionare Purse”.

There was a pile of change in my wallet so I launched a game to get my brain comfortable to large sums of income.

Each penny represents $1,000. Every morning 10% of the change in my wallet went into the purse and I tracked the amounts as “representing $____ from $____ in new money”.

I was looking for money beliefs. So any ill sensations were asked into and worked with in a special journal.

Then one day it stopped. Dead stopped. Everything else was more important. I didn’t think much of it until today when I pulled out the envelopes to add for January.

I decided the billionaire purse wasn’t working and it was time for a new game. I started down that path and almost missed it!

The representative amount was $293,000.

I was in my early 20’s making more money than anyone I knew. It was only 23,000, but rent back then was $410 & I had plenty of extra money every month. Homes were $100,000 in the super-rich neighborhoods. Anything beyond $300,000 seemed greedy and selfish. That was still locked in my 48 year old brain!!

I’m sticking with my penny game.
I sticking with it til at least a million.

And holding fast to the mantra Harv graciously offered:

“All non-supportive money experiences from the past are gone!”

A Response

How are you going to bust your brain?

My Reply

That part’s easy. I’ve got incredible neurolinguistic and energy healing tools I’ve combine over the years. It takes but a moment to do the brain surgery.

My Followup Reply

To be more specific … I took the lazy route & did an NLP rewrite on the memory adding some zero’s so the new “greedy/selfish” number is 300 billion. If I get there oneday, then maybe I’ll take the less lazy route.

welcome back from the ledge

Hi RST! First off, this was going around FB yesterday:
Could one friend please copy and re-post? We are trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.
Just one person makes a difference

So First Off:
You WERE heard. I saw your post as I was headed to bed & sent supportive energy your way.

Tim has this great interview with Adam Robinson who has some practical insights on suicidal depression and the conversation weaves that direction.

Adam has come out the other side & his twitter is full of enthusiastic life.

Search Tim’s blog for “suicide”, you’ll find a couple deeper dives.

Build your support team. Find a great counselor.

Your “break glass in case of emergency” lever is getting triggered when you’re not days atop Mt Everest, broken leg, intense pain, wolves looming. We can’t fix the faulty sensor, but we CAN:

! create many alternative neuropathways!
! install pre-pre-pre warning systems!
! amass so many tools to deploy at the pre pre pre stages that we successfully avert that neuropathway!
! develop Self-Loving, Self-Caring, Self-Empowerment so strongly that even if the lever gets pulled, we have Best Self pulling from many directions back out of it!

I wish you all the success on your journey upward into your New Life. You have faced death and said “no thank you! I gots shit to do!!”.

I am SO proud of you!!

And here are some words for you to play with:

What would it feel like if I saw my worth as priceless?
What would I do if I felt Enough to overflowing?

my boss gave me “feedback” how do I recover?

Bring back the balance by spending a few minutes noticing what you are doing well. If the “you suck” monster is super loud start with mundane things like “I show up for work every day”, “I didn’t steal ANY pens yesterday”, “I have not once brought my pet parakeet to the office!”, get the “what did I do well / what is going right?” neural-net search rolling.

Name some of your strengths. How can you use those strengths to rock the improvements needed?

the group effect

It’s more than visual. “Where two or more are gathered” is more than just a nice sentiment. When the energy of two humans come together and focus on a thing, the effects are exponential rather than doubled.
The more people gathered, focusing on shared values, shared purpose, the bigger that energy becomes.
You are literally filling your energy depletion well with that exponential energy. That’s why no one gets drained – there is plenty for everyone to fill up to overflowing.
Tanks full. Reserve tanks full. It’s so much easier to be Best Self when all your resources and energy are on the Optimal setting.

talking trees

Science has already proven it. There is an underground network. What they found is astounding. A dying tree will share its nutrients, not with it’s own kind, but with the most resiliant species for the current climate.
When one has extra it share, when one is in need, it receives. I can’t remember which podcast it was, but the episode is called “From Tree to Shining Tree”.
Mind blowingly awesome.